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3 months ago

7 Texas special-needs teens were regularly locked in closet


3 months ago

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Personal Injury Lawyer

3 months ago

Three Washington Teens Sue Over Sex Trafficking

Three Washington teenagers have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the classified ad website, alleging that the site allowed them to be forced into prostitution for the company's own financial gain.

3 months ago

Legal :: Patent Translation Services

The current economy model rewards individuals who are inventive. When a new creation has been invented, it is paramount to get it registered with the national patent office. Once the registration is completed, the registrant will have a patent granting him exclusive rights over the invention. A patent is important because it gives the patent owner a 20 years period of monopoly in the market place.

3 months ago

Personal Injury Attorney - Find Local Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury is the term used to describe physical and mental injuries that occur because of someone else's negligence, intentional actions, or strict liability.

Negligence means the other party failed to act with reasonable care. For example, imagine you are in your car stopped at a red light when another driver rear ends you because he or she isn't paying attention. If you suffer physical injuries in the crash, those could be personal injury due to negligence. (Any damage to your car is property damage, not personal injury, because the car is an object, not a person.)

Intentional harm means the other person set out to hurt you. This includes cases of battery, assault, and false imprisonment.

Strict liability means that anyone involved in the production, distribution, or sale of a defective product can be held responsible if the product injures someone.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are several common types of personal injuries:

Most personal injuries fall into the category of law known as torts. Torts are a type of civil, not criminal, law. It is a way to hold someone else legally responsible for your injuries.


Most personal injury cases involve negligence. To have a valid case, your personal injury attorney must be able to show that your injury was caused by the negligence of another party. To prove negligence, your injury lawyer must prove four separate things:

Duty of care: The negligent party had an obligation to act prudently to avoid injuring the other party

Breach of duty: The negligent party knowingly exposed the injured party to a substantial risk of injury or didn't even realize (but should have) that there was a substantial risk

Direct cause: The negligent party's deliberate acts, or lack of action, caused the injury

Harm: The injured party suffered a financial loss because of the negligent party's negligence (a medical bill, for example, would be a monetary loss)

Additionally, damages are designed to compensate someone for their injury.

Personal Injury Laws Vary from State to State

Tort laws vary from state to state. If you have suffered a personal injury, talk to a personal injury attorney who has experience in your jurisdiction.

3 months ago

West Virginia Jury Rejects Most Claims and Punitive Damages in Consolidated Trial

RICHMOND, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A unanimous West Virginia jury today rejected all but one of the

plaintiffs' claims in a consolidated trial involving approximately 600

individual lawsuits against the major tobacco companies. In reaching its

decision, the jury also rejected the plaintiffs' claim for punitive

damages. Today's decision did not establish any liability against any of

the defendants or award any monetary damages.

"We believe that the jury appropriately rejected the plaintiffs' claims

for design defect, negligence, failure to warn, breach of warranty, and

concealment and refused to find that any of PM USA's conduct warranted

punitive damages," said Murray Garnick, Altria Client Services senior

vice president and associate general counsel, speaking on behalf of

Philip Morris USA (PM USA). "The plaintiffs prevailed only on the narrow

claim that ventilated filter cigarettes between 1964 and July 1, 1969

should have included instructions on how to properly use them."

"Today's decision may allow some individual plaintiffs to move forward

with their individual cases. However, only those individuals who smoked

ventilated filter cigarettes between 1964 and 1969 may pursue claims and

those individuals will be required to show a link between the failure to

instruct and their injuries. Although we disagree with the jury's

verdict on this narrow claim, in the event that any plaintiff chooses to

pursue this claim, PM USA has strong defenses," added Garnick.

The decision came in In re: Tobacco Litigation (Individual Personal

Injury Cases) in which approximately 600 West Virginia plaintiffs'

cases were tried under a two-phase trial plan. Phase I was to determine

so-called "common issues" about whether all cigarettes are defective,

whether the companies acted negligently or concealed the danger of

smoking, and whether the companies' conduct warranted punitive damages.

In Phase II, individual plaintiffs who choose to pursue their claims

will be tried separately. Of the 600 consolidated cases, 346 are pending

against PM USA.

This case was tried in the Circuit Court of Kanahwa County, West

Virginia, case number 00-C-5000.

3 months ago

Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

Accidents and injuries can come our way anytime. They are like those unwanted guests who never let you know before they turn up at your place. You need to spend money on them and suffer the agony caused by them. The entire experience takes a complete toll on you, physically as well mentally. So how would you exactly feel if you suddenly fall victim to an injury which has been caused by someone else? Will you be ready to pay the price for another person's sins? Absolutely not! Even if you do, you have to see to it that you make them pay back. A personal injury attorney can prove to be extremely beneficial in such cases.

When you meet with an accident which has been caused by some other person's irresponsible behavior, you need to claim compensation for the damages. Well, it is certainly not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of legal issues that need to be sorted out first. Compensation usually includes your medical bills and the loss in wages which the accident might have caused you. But you cannot file the lawsuit if you do not have enough evidence to prove that the accident was somebody else's fault. You could also bring in a witness to testify in favor of you. In case of medical malpractice cases, the witness is usually another doctor who says that the accident or the injury could have been avoided if the person responsible would have been a little careful. A personal injury attorney does all that for you. He gets the evidence and the witness for your case and there is absolutely nothing that you need to worry about.

Personal injury lawyers are specialized in their field and hence have a vast amount of knowledge regarding the subject. They would know very well how to tackle the jury and the sticky legal situations. When you choose your attorney, you need to make sure that he has enough experience. An experienced lawyer of good repute is all you need to turn the case in your favor. Also check if he has a proper license.

If you are looking for an efficient personal injury attorney, Sarasota, FL is where you will be able to get some of the best ones. Hire the services of The Hudson Law Office for all kinds of injury and accident related legal cases. They have 30 years of experience behind them and a good track record too.